“Let us prepare our minds as if we’d come to the very end of life. Let us postpone nothing. Let us balance life’s books each day. The one who puts the finishing touches on their life each day is never short of time.”

These are words that Seneca wrote thousands of years ago, and—like most of his writings—they still ring true today.

What do you have to be grateful for today? Did you act in alignment with your values? How did you invest your resources; your time, energy, attention, and money?

These are the things to take stock of each day, and to balance your life’s books each day. Set a standard for yourself and work to meet that standard daily. Acknowledge where you meet your expectations and rest assured that you have made great use of the opportunity of the day. Equally important, acknowledge where you failed to meet your expectations and recognize the importance of meeting them tomorrow should you have the opportunity to experience another day.

There is no single way to do this because the things you measure depend on your personal priorities and objectives.

In 1726, at the age of 20, Benjamin Franklin created and implemented a system in his daily life to develop his character using 13 virtues that he determined he wanted to embody

Developing a similar system of your own can be a great way to track and monitor your life’s books each day, and maintain a consistent trajectory towards your ideal life.